Eugenie grew up in a musical family. Her mother sang and played acoustic guitar. Her father was a great fan of jazz music. Her father took his little girl to all the jazz festivals, where she would dance and swing to the music of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Pee Wee Hunt and Sarah Vaughn.

Late at the famous North Sea Festival in the Hague, she discovered other great musicians like Miles Davis, Erikah Badu, Tania Maria and Toots Thielemans.

As a piano player and singer, Eugenie is especially inspired by passionate, energetic and self-conscious women like Bette Midler, Madonna, Billy Holiday, Angie Stone, Chaka Kahn and Tina Turner.

“Soul” is the key driver in everything Eugenie does. Soul resonates throughout all of her creative work, in her lyrics, songs, compositions and performance.

“It’s not that easy to play and sing like e.g. Chaka Kahn or Billy Holiday”, Eugenie says. "It requires not only a great singing technique and right interpretation of the lyrics, but also a lot of empathy. I try to get under their skin and really feel their emotions.”

Over the years Eugenie has played with many musicians, exploring a broad spectrum of musical styles like: Cuban, Soul, Salsa, Jazz, Funk and even Easy Listening. She performs either solo or with as singer/piano-bass-drums trio. Sometimes guest players are added.

Eugenie is a natural born performer who’s playing; singing and performance are full of positive energy, passion and soul.